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A Day in the Life of an IT Consultant

March 7, 2024

By Paul O’Dell, CPP Principal/Sales Director In my role as an IT consultant to both clients and prospects, I spend time every day meeting with decision-makers who are on the frontline of businesses large and small. While over my many years in the business, there have always been “hot topics” […]

LLMs and Generative AI: The Tools and Expertise Are at Your Disposal

August 28, 2023

by Paul O’Dell, Principal, CPP Associates Last month, I wrote a blog about Large Language Models (LLM), a type of machine learning that is designed to understand and generate human language. You can think of LLMs as a type of algorithm where an intelligent agent is able to formulate a […]

Harness the Power of LLM and AI with HPE GreenLake

July 31, 2023

by Paul O’Dell, Principal, CPP Associates Every year, the major IT industry leaders typically have a conference where they announce new products, features, or programs. Over a two- to three-day period, people network, receive awards or recognition, and participate in numerous meetings and training sessions to brush up on their […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Process Automation Program

March 31, 2023

by: John Duffy, Chief Technologist, CPP Associates You may have heard that robotic process automation is a good thing. Vendors share success stories boasting huge dollar savings and impressive employee productivity gains. You decide it’s worth exploring for your organization. But how do you actually get started?  And how can […]

NOW is the Future of Automation in IT

January 6, 2023

By Mickey Hackett, Senior Account Executive, CPP Associates What is the future of automation in information systems? Simply put, it is the future. The proof is in the rapid adoption of automation across all sectors of business and the mind-numbing ROI figures that are being reported as a result. A […]

Building a container strategy―13 potholes to avoid

July 13, 2020

By Robert Christiansen Originally published on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Enterprise.nxt digital publication. To pave the way to success, give developers flexibility, evolve your networking strategy, and set realistic expectations. Containers and the rise of Kubernetes is the most talked-about, most impactful IT technology today. Containers give enterprises the ability to […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: HPE Container Platform

June 17, 2020

AI app development has grown up in a world of open source software. There are HUNDREDS of software options across all the phases of a pipeline, from collecting data to making decisions based on the analysis.  Essentially, too many options for any person or team to master all of them—AND […]

Essentials to Competing in the Age of AI

February 17, 2020

Connect business, aggregate data and extract value through #analytics and AI. Confront silos and fragmented legacy systems, add capabilities, and retool your culture to put AI at your firm’s core. Read more on how AntFinancial serves one billion customers employing one-tenth the number of employees as the largest US banks […]

Time to Jump on the AI Bandwagon?

February 4, 2020

Accenture recently surveyed 1,500 C-suite executives worldwide — from industries including banking, energy, life sciences and travel – on AI adoption. Three-quarters of those surveyed believe that their company will fail if they do not get on the AI bandwagon. The biggest obstacles for success?  Poor data management, and not […]