Consumption Services


Today, consumption-based pricing models are everywhere. Being able to procure your IT solutions “as a service” means that rather having a large initial capital expenditure to purchase hardware or software, you are able to rent or lease the technology you need and pay for only what you use. Think of it as a utility such as gas or electric service. Depending on the time of year and outside temperatures, your utilization of gas or electric changes and therefore so does your monthly bill.  Likewise, consumption-based IT is metered and priced according to usage.

The advantages to this approach are many: 

  • Access scalable IT resources with an elastic delivery model that allows you to deploy and scale quickly
  • Reduce overprovisioning of IT resources
  • Reduce or eliminate the up-front costs (capital expenditure or CapEx) of purchasing physical IT assets, and pay for IT as a monthly operational expense (OpEx)
  • Adopted enterprise wide, a consumption-based approach can simplify the management of your IT resources
  • The efficiency and speed offered can give your enterprise a distinct competitive advantage
  • If you cannot predict capacity, demand pay-per-usage gives you the flexibility to deal with this scenario
  • Eliminates lengthy purchasing cycles that impact your ability to respond to market demand

Virtually all of the services and solutions CPP offers can be procured via an as-a-service model. Contact us for more information. 

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