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IT Managed Services


IT Managed Services

In a busy enterprise, competing needs often vie for the attention of generalist IT staff taking their eyes off important tasks in favor of fire-fighting. According to industry estimates*, more than 60 percent of security breaches occurred where there were patches available that were not yet installed.

Master your environment.

Increasing complexity makes managed IT service delivery a highly-sustainable model for enterprises regardless of size. Organizations save on the upfront hardware and licensing costs, and avoid training costs associated with multiple, highly-specialized systems. External oversight enables the internal IT team to maintain forward-focus and concentrate on value-added activities while avoiding falling behind securing systems with updates.

Proactive. Integrated. Experienced.

InVision is an assessment-driven managed service that gives organizations integrated support that enables you to look ahead and proactively manage resources. It provides for a detailed asset inventory, risk analysis, network mapping, project planning, and extensive real-time reporting capabilities. Highly-experienced subject matter experts up to date on the latest tools and training are available and managing your enterprise 24x7x365, performing triage, escalation, and remediation, while you stay focused on your core business competency.

Infrastructure Management

InVision manages data center, compute, and network resources across your organization, using AI to keep your infrastructure primed and ready to provide you with the data you need to make business decisions, to automate processes, and lower operational costs.

End-User Support

InVision provides end users with ongoing support, reporting, and resource management with an easy to use and highly-available help desk and customer portal, with weekend availability. We make it easy for your team to create performance reports, maintain systems, and improve performance.

Security & Compliance

With the latest inVision identifies internal and external threats to your IT systems with daily scans, alerts to unauthorized logons, or WLAN connections. It uses machine learning to support and protect systems on site and in the cloud, archiving, software installation, data migration, and backup and disaster recovery services.

Video Transcription

“Managing your company’s IT infrastructure has never been a 9 to 5 job. But, today, with the increased globalization of business, the ever expanding parameter, and 24/7/365 security concerns, the demand on you and your staff has never been greater.

At the same time, the pressure is on to shift budget away from routine support and maintenance to IT initiatives that can drive revenue and keep you ahead of the competition. The benefits of an IT managed services partner have never been more evident or necessary than in today’s climate.

CPP Associates, a premier Platinum Partner and Solution Provider of the year for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, provides end-to-end IT managed services that allow you to reduce costs, decrease your time to market, and increase the depth and breadth of your ongoing technology support, maintenance, and security.

Our InVision managed services solution begins with an assessment to evaluate all of the elements within your environment. Whether they’re on-prem or in the cloud, our assessment covers everything from the edge, to the data center, to the desktop, including gaps in best practices, patch management, and security.

Our team leverages modern tools and solutions to help ensure uptime, compliance, and availability while your business focuses on delivering value and service to your customers. We provide end users with round the clock help desk support and resource management to minimize downtime and increase staff productivity.

We put in place highly advanced security and compliance measures that identify internal and external threats to your environment 24/7/365, extending from on-prem to the cloud, to end user devices at the edge. Plus, our highly experienced subject matter experts can support you on projects that advance your business such as digital transformation, cloud migration, and AI initiatives.

InVision IT managed services from CPP Associates is a total solution that can help you reduce spending on maintenance and support, freeing up budget to address more urgent technology matters, ensure round-the-clock coverage without you having to lose sleep, deliver optimal security that is continuously updated, boost workplace productivity by eliminating downtime, gain access to industry experts to become a virtual extension of your team, free yourself from mundane tasks, and the constant worry of being vulnerable to security breaches, or unanticipated support issues.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to get started.”

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CPP InVision Managed Service is a professional 24x7x365 support of your infrastructure.  InVision begins with an initial assessment; a complete report on the status, security readiness, and overall health of each element in your environment.


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