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IT Managed Services Just Make Sense

In today’s busy work environments, the IT staff often struggles with the competing priorities of urgent “break/fix” requests and equally important system maintenance tasks. According to industry estimates*, more than 60 percent of security breaches occurred where there were patches available that were not yet installed.

In addition, disruptions to the workforce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in additional disadvantage when it comes to hiring the best IT talent: a staffing shortage and steep wage inflation. Managing IT infrastructure today requires increasing degrees of specialization and sophistication, and most organizations find it difficult and cost-prohibited to maintain that high level of expertise on their full-time payroll.

*Ponemon Institute Research: Costs and Consequences of Gaps in Vulnerability Response

CPP InVision Managed Services

CPP Associates has the experience and expertise to supplement your team through our InVision Managed Services. An initial assessment will enable the organization to move from the reactive posture that typically bogs it down, to a proactive model where your team is focused on delivering applications and uptime, adding value back to the business. This assessment provides a detailed asset inventory, risk analysis, network mapping, project planning, and extensive real-time reporting capabilities. Highly experienced subject matter experts up to date on the latest tools and training are available and managing your enterprise 24 x 7x 365, performing triage, escalation, and remediation, while you stay focused on your core business competency.

Infrastructure Management

InVision manages data center, compute, and network resources across your organization, using AI to keep your infrastructure primed and ready to provide you with the data you need to make business decisions, to automate processes, and lower operational costs.

End-User Support

InVision provides end users with ongoing support, reporting, and resource management with an easy to use and highly-available help desk and customer portal, with weekend availability. We make it easy for your team to create performance reports, maintain systems, and improve performance.

Security & Compliance

Our security team can provide real time eyes on glass monitoring and alerting through our Security Operations Center (SOC), capturing critical information, to enable rapid decision making in the face of threats and potential risks.

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