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CPP Associates: High Tech with High Touch
Experienced, Principled, and Client-Centric

Here at CPP Associates, our mission to provide our clients with innovative, right-sized technology solutions that meet their business goals and objectives is anchored in this insightful quote from business icon, Steven Covey: 

“Technical infrastructure is essential to everything. It will accelerate all good and all bad trends. For these very reasons, the human element becomes more important. High tech without high touch does not work. The more influential technology becomes, the more important the human factor which controls that technology becomes.

Remember, technology is a great servant, but a terrible master.”

Stephen Covey, renowned educator, author, business leader “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”

In other words, technology can be an amazing tool, but the presence of the human mind to imagine, create, implement and manage it is the paramount element. To that end, CPP Associates strength is in partnering with our clients to imagine, create, implement and manage a technology environment that will fulfill their mission and goals. 

What Are Our Key Differentiators?

Our deep bench of solution architects, engineers and IT support staff hold the highest certifications in the industry’s most complex technology solutions.

We have a two to one engineering to admin/sales staff, which is highly unusual among IT solution providers.

Our deep, long-standing relationships with OEMs provide us with an “inside track” and concierge-level support which we pass along to our clients.

Our maniacal focus on a “company first” approach is grounded in a stringent analytical framework and vendor agnostic perspective.

Industry Recognition

Our Team

Patrick O’Dell, General Manager/Partner

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, CPP general manager and partner Patrick O’Dell started his IT career with (Dell) EMC as a sales representative with lead account responsibilities for clients including Citicorp, AT&T and various other Fortune 1000 companies. He was consistently ranked a Top 10 sales representative. His experience also includes a position as regional VP and shareholder for Berkshire Computer Products (rated a “Fast Growth” company four times). Patrick has also worked as an independent contract consultant for companies including IBM, Fujitsu/Amdahl and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.  He is a voice of authority within the IT sector, with frequent interviews and feature articles in major industry publications.

Paul O’Dell, Sales Manager/Partner

With nearly 25 years in complex technology solution sales, Paul O’Dell held varied sales positions at a variety of pre- and post-IPO organizations including 3PAR, Xiotech Corporation, Berkshire Computer Products and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). While at the latter company, he was a Top 10 storage representative for nearly a decade.

A partner at CPP, Paul is responsible for leading the sales and marketing teams. His strong consultative nature and technical experience has also made him instrumental in developing CPP’s proprietary Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment approach.

Dan Hogan, Director of Operations/Partner 

Dan Hogan started his career in technology at the Associated Press (AP) as a technician. Through various positions with the company, he helped create a support contract business unit and was part of the team that developed the first digital camera created for photojournalism use. He left the AP to join technology reseller Berkshire Computer Products/Articulent (Brocade). Here, Dan served initially as a project manager, responsible for activities for EMC, Compaq/HP, HDS and IBM largely concerned with storage and backup in the Northeast. He ultimately became finance manager responsible for structuring the top 5% opportunities for the company. He brought these experiences forward to CPP Associates, which he co-founded in 2008. Today, Dan is responsible for the company’s financial and operational functions.

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