Strategy and Consulting


Beyond the day-to-day management and maintenance of your IT operation, it is important that you have access to experience and industry knowledge to offer more strategic guidance for your organization. CPP offers high level strategic IT advisory services on either a project basis or on an ongoing basis, such as serving as an adjunct or contract-based Chief Information Officer (CIO).

We can work in concert with your leadership team to create a technology roadmap that will allow us to visually communicate the main areas of focus needed to meet your business objectives and show the timeline for implementing the projects and solutions that align with the strategy. 

We can supplement and support your internal team through our InVision Managed Services, and/or provide specific functional talent (i.e., Systems Engineer, Chief Information Security Officer) as a Service. 

Assessment Services

CPP offers formal assessment services that are designed to provide you with the information you need to understand your environment, expose areas needing improvement, make informed decisions, and set strategies for optimization.

The cornerstone of our assessment services is our proprietary Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment, a highly sophisticated cost/benefit analysis of the myriad of options available to your organization, factoring in vertical market specific regulatory/compliance/security factors in the process. In less than two weeks, and no more than three hours of your staff’s time, we can present our findings in a concise report. From there, you can choose to implement the new infrastructure configuration internally, with support from CPP’s InVision Managed Services, or as a complete outsourced engagement with CPP’s Infrastructure team.

Additional formal assessments from CPP include:

  • Azure Instant Assessment 
  • Back-up & Recovery Assessment 
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Assessment

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