IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Success for your business depends on your ability to transform your IT infrastructure to meet and exceed the expectations of internal and external customers. Traditional approaches to IT are often too slow, too complex, and too labor intensive. Removing the drudgery of mundane tasks through IT automation helps your IT team invest their time on tasks that help move the business forward. By reducing application deployment time and streamlining integration you can also reduce project time, ultimately making your organization more competitive.

CPP Associates has expertise in developing and deploying integrations featuring Red Hat Ansible to create a powerful automation solution. Ansible allows developers to set up automation to provision, deploy, and manage compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments.  It can automate and push configuration to your application teams, putting configuration in line with the iterative development process. Ansible automates the logic for prioritization, routing to the appropriate systems and notifying the correct teams.

Our highly skilled ITOM team can help your business scale IT automation, manage complex deployments, and speed productivity. For more information, contact us today!

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