Implementation Services

From Whiteboard to Keyboard

CPP offers turn-key solutions when it comes to your IT infrastructure. That includes everything from planning and system architecture to complete configuration, implementation and testing. Any IT hardware or software we are recommending to you – when it is on premises, public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid solution – can include full implementation services from CPP.

Here at CPP Associates, we take a unique approach to our implementation services to ensure the original solution architecture and plan is carried through to the final installation and testing of your solutions. We call it “Whiteboard to Keyboard.” That means that the solution architect who develops the original recommended configuration leads the project implementation through to completion.  This approach allows us to ensure quality control, streamline project management and deliver the solution that was agreed to from the beginning of the engagement.

Our solution architects and support staff hold the highest certifications in the IT manufacturers we represent and stay current on emerging technologies through ongoing training and development.  

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