New CPP Podcast Series Premieres

April 27, 2021

Be “a fly on the wall” as CPP Partner, Paul O’Dell, discusses some of the most important issues and trends in the technology world with senior CPP team members and special guests. In each episode, Paul guides the discussion, delving into the finer points of each subject with industry experts with first-hand experience to share. At the end of each episode, Paul and guests provide a “shout out” to a local restaurant, carrying on the theme of “giving back to our communities” which has become a CPP hallmark.

Use the “Listen Now” links here for the first four episodes. In the near future, the Infrastructure Anywhere Podcast will be available on Apple Pay, Spotify and other popular podcast streaming platforms.  Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications when new episodes are available.

Episode #1:  Unpacking the SolarWinds Breach: Now What?

Special Guests:

  • David Balcar, Security Strategist for VMware
  • Dylan O’Connell, Solution Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Steve Scarola, Security Practice Lead at CPP Associates

On December 6, 2020, a massive security breach was discovered by SolarWinds, a software company whose Orion application is used by 33,000 organizations nationwide (including federal agencies) to manage their IT operations. This “supply chain” attack went undetected for more than nine months. Once discovered, it was revealed that the breach went as far as the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, the Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration, and the Treasury, in addition to more than 18,000 commercial companies.  Industry experts are continuing to assess how wide and deep the impact of this attack was, and what can be done to guard against future attacks of this kind. (Listen Now)

Episode #2:  One University’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Special Guests:

  • David Aldorando, Director of IT Infrastructure, Post University
  • Mike Maher, Director of Professional Services, CPP Associates

In this episode, we hear from David Aldorando, Director of IT infrastructure for Post University, a Connecticut-based university providing quality education to more than 10,000 onsite and online students a year. In March of 2020, Post had to quickly respond to government mandated shutdowns without compromising students’ ability to complete their semester. With the help of CPP Associates, the university was well positioned to provide consistent and secure connectivity and support for their student body and faculty, while lending their physical facilities to house first line responders who were brought in from other states. (Listen Now)

Episode #3: Back to Work Post-COVID: How Smart Building Technologies Can Help

Special Guests:

  • Matias Klein, CEO of Kognition
  • John Duffy, Chief Technologist of CPP’s AI and Business Intelligence Practice Called Data Intelligence

As the post-COVID world starts to come into focus, businesses must start thinking about how they can enable a smart approach to back to work and also be sure that whatever decisions are made now are not lost costs once the coronavirus is in the rearview mirror.  There are a myriad of challenges both macro and micro.   What are the strategies companies are deploying and what are the tactics enabling them?   This episode features Matias Klein, CEO of Kognition, a developer of a game-changing cyber/physical enterprise AI platform that automates security, compliance, workplace safety and other high-value business operations. (Listen Now)

Episode 4: Cloud First Strategies for Critical Workloads

Special Guests:

  • Roan Low, Senior Architect with Syntax. Leader in hybrid delivery of ERP applications like SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards.
  • Tom Jensen, Senior Consultant and Practice Leader of Infrastructure Anywhere Practice

With so many options available today – on prem, cloud, hybrid, consumption-based – it’s hard to know where and how your workloads should reside. The expression, “Cloud First” is repeated over and over. But as host Paul O’Dell explains, CPP believes in “Customer First.” In other words, let’s first ask what are you looking to get from this cloud first vision? Scale, flexibility, performance, access, better security etc.? What are your requirements when it comes to industry compliance? What is your preferred cost model? In this episode, we’ll discuss how to achieve a true apples-to-apples comparison of all the options available, focusing specifically on mission-critical applications. (Listen Now)