HPE Discover 2024 Recap: Announcing HPE Private Cloud Business Edition

June 27, 2024

By, Michael Maher, Director of Professional Services

When the Broadcom acquisition of VMware finally closed and the carnage, for lack of a better word, began, every conversation I’ve had with customers, partners, and friends has all begun the same way.

“What do we do?”

In a singular motion, VMware has become a financial and operational threat, not the safe harbor we had known and depended on for so long. And this is happening, all while businesses globally are trying to identify where and how to move and manage workloads, while simultaneously introducing cloud features, functionality, and management!

As expected, the industry reacted quickly. Suddenly, getting off the most popular, most significantly integrated platform with the largest market share became a priority. From public cloud to on-premises, alternatives started springing up everywhere. There are so many choices now, it’s almost mind bending.

But in the rush to start looking at technologies that could potentially serve our customers, I identified one key barrier to success. Infrastructure that has been built around VMware has other vital dependencies that must be reviewed to determine how to move forward across the entire stack. A daunting task for any size organization.

What if there was a path you could go down where you didn’t have to worry about all those interdependencies? A solution that has and can manage a hypervisor, a bare metal platform, backup, disaster recovery, network, or even unplanned sudden growth REGARDLESS of where your workloads reside?

At the 2024 HPE Discover Conference, Hewlett Packard Enterprise eliminated that one key barrier to success by announcing the release of their own KVM based hypervisor. Huge news, and that was just the teaser announcement!

The REAL news was the announcement of HPE’s Private Cloud Business Edition, a revolutionary leap forward in both how and where workloads can be architected, deployed, and managed.

This may be the most versatile, scalable platform available today, one that checks all the proverbial boxes:

  • Hypervisor?
  • Bare metal deployments?
  • Containers?
  • Artificial Intelligence?
  • Networking?
  • Backup?
  • Disaster Recovery?
  • On premises or hosted?
  • Cloud management?
  • Reserved capacity on demand

The Vision and Promise of HPE GreenLake Becomes a Reality

HPE has been steadily moving towards a competitive, vertically integrated, full stack hybrid cloud solution since they announced the GreenLake platform and the vision to deliver anything and everything as a service. How this benefits us all is remarkable, and I can sum it up this clearly:

We can substantially reduce your total cost of ownership, your dependence on tightly integrated ISV’s, your time to market, and the complexity of managing your environment AT THE SAME TIME as we deliver a broad range of platform services designed to help you grow your business with a high-performance cloud platform that you’re fully in control of and with a clear, easily understandable and predictable cost model.

HPE has cracked the code on how to break our collective dependence on VMware.

With HPE’s Private Cloud Business Edition, we can deploy workloads quickly, run them efficiently, integrate infrastructure services with platform services, secure them, back them up, and reduce our clients’ management overhead. The fact that we can do that with physical workloads and even AI side by side, through the same cloud management plane, is revolutionary and freeing.

No longer are we bound by the constraints of “traditional” infrastructure models, difficult and costly integrations with off-premises solutions, and third-party solutions that complicate infrastructure deployments and drive up the cost of management.

This is a true vision coming to fruition.

A hybrid cloud delivered where you need it, how you need it, and with everything you need to run and grow a business in today’s modern economy.

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