Morpheus: A Vision for Infrastructure Anywhere

January 31, 2023

by Michael Maher, Director of Professional Services, CPP Associates

“Choice is an illusion created between those with power, and those without it.”. – The Merovingian

The Matrix.

The entire series is really something. I remember sitting in the Rogers Park movie theater on the North Side of Chicago, gripped by the very first film, almost as if there was an invisible force that kept me in my seat, and I was riveted. Even though it was fantasy, it was impossible for me to not explore all the wonderful possibilities that it opened up.

I’ve had that same feeling of exploration, wonderment, and excitement recently while working with Morpheus Data | Hybrid-Cloud Management Platform (, a powerful self-serve tool that allows you to easily manage and orchestrate change with cost analytics, governance policy, and automation across public, private and hybrid cloud.  It was as though a technology company had given me a new pair of glasses to view how infrastructure can be delivered and managed, regardless of where the workloads are required to run.

I had… vision. Not just an idea, but a useful, achievable vision.

“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life.” – Morpheus

For too long, there has been this not-so-invisible line between on-premises workloads and workloads that reside in the public cloud. We’ve been given reason after reason as to why, too.

  • “It’s difficult to manage both on-premises and public cloud.”
  • “We have to stand up entirely new teams, and possibly even double our staff.”
  • “Cross platform governance, cost management, and policy making is too complex to achieve.”
  • “We have to learn something new, all the time.”

I barely scratched the surface of all the dividing concepts we’ve been fed for years.

Here’s the Real Truth.

The Morpheus Data platform gives you the ability to deliver your on-premises infrastructure (even in its current state) as a private cloud. You gain:

On-demand self-service:

  • Create a catalog of solutions, resource types, and services.
  • Stitch them together to orchestrate provisioning, management, maintenance, backup/disaster recovery, and end-of-life clean up.
  • Restrict users to only resources they can deliver, regardless of skillset, and with a cap on cost or resource components so users can’t drive up cost or drive down resource availability.

Broad network access:

  • Resources can be orchestrated to be accessed over a variety of methods.

Resource pooling:

  • Simply put, storage, compute, network, software, data protection, and security resources can be grouped together to deliver complete applications and solutions, all orchestrated so that when those solutions go live, they meet corporate and compliance standards, every time.

Rapid Elasticity:

  • Easily provision, scale up/down, and de-provision with demand.

Measured Services:

  • Measure usage and control optimization through metering, monitoring, and reporting

Sounds just like the public cloud, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. The public cloud is an incredibly valuable resource, and CPP leads with Microsoft Azure here. However, most customers today are hybrid, and looking for ways to manage or reduce cost, deliver business outcomes faster, and skill up without horizontally expanding teams for all infrastructure: on-premises AND public cloud.

Morpheus Data’s platform allows our customers to achieve those goals. Through the platform, users can provision, manage, upgrade, downgrade, scale, report, and retire workloads on-premises or in the public cloud (almost any public cloud), seamlessly. Customers can deliver traditional workloads (such as virtual machines), containers, PaaS services, and stitch it all together with backup, DR, logging, security checks, and more.

Morpheus has nearly 100 codeless integrations to help you deliver your hybrid cloud solution today, from automation to storage, and everything in between (Codeless Cloud Integration – Morpheus Hybrid Cloud Management ( Do you need to deploy an application, with a load balancer, in multiple sites or regions, with backup and security, and have it scale up or down based on usage or scheduling? Morpheus can do it. Maybe your dev teams need a pool of resources with a limit so they can do what they need, without trying to circumvent the IT team(s) or the business in general. Do you need to put hard limits on your cloud spend and control what users are doing? Morpheus can do it.

“Don’t think you are. KNOW you are.” – Morpheus

In today’s competitive landscape, in ANY industry, customers need to be ready for anything at any time. With Morpheus and CPP, customers can deliver “infrastructure anywhere”: on any platform, at any level of complexity, with speed, consistency, accuracy, and accountability.

Know you’re ready for the next initiative, the next project, the next anything. Don’t just think you are.

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