Is Your Business Equipped to Handle Today’s Security Threats?

February 2, 2021

by Steve Scarola, CPP Security Practice Lead

Many businesses today are faced with numerous challenges around how and where they deploy infrastructure to support the needs of the company. Internal IT teams are faced with the challenge of providing easy to use and quickly deployable solutions to allow employees to work no matter the location or condition.

With those requirements, security needs to be at the forefront of every business decision. Securing the devices and infrastructure that power a business is paramount to guarantee that business operations move at the necessary speeds uninterrupted.

Ensuring that investments are made in not only secure infrastructure, but understanding what is happening in an environment is critical to detecting, responding and mitigating threats to minimize potential business impact. The recent supply chain breach at SolarWinds is a perfect example of why this is so important and how quickly a cascade effect can occur when threats go undetected.

CPP offers multiple solutions that can identify issues and make recommendations to resolve them within an organization. Utilizing solutions like VMware CarbonBlack for advanced UEBA/EDR capabilities at the endpoint, Aruba ClearPass to secure the physical network, VMware NSX for secure virtualized networking, and Fortinet Firewalls for Edge Protection can greatly increase your security score and reduce the attack surface.

Leveraging these types of industry leading networking and security products will help secure your business from endpoint to edge while covering everything in between.