HPE GreenLake: A Complete Cloud Solution that is Flexible and Cost-Effective

April 24, 2023

by Hayden Specht, Hybrid Cloud Specialist, CPP Associates

As organizations of all shapes and sizes continue in their journey to the cloud and digital transformation, we should take a step back and really evaluate the “cloud” and prioritize the instances in which the cloud can be utilized to its maximum capability from a cost, functionally, and operational standpoint. With over 90% of organizations having some cloud presence, we are seeing instances of as many as 40-50% overspending in the cloud. Whether those excess dollars are coming from ingress/egress fees, over provisioning, etc., HPE GreenLake is the ideal anecdote to end to the pain of overspending.

HPE GreenLake: “The Cloud That Comes to You”

HPE GreenLake is a cloud-based service that allows companies to consume IT infrastructure, software, and services as a pay-per-use model. The service is designed to help companies reduce the upfront costs and complexity associated with purchasing and managing on-premises IT infrastructure and software.

One of the key benefits of HPE GreenLake is that it provides companies with a flexible, scalable, and on-demand IT infrastructure that can be customized to meet their specific needs. This allows companies to scale their IT infrastructure quickly and easily up or down as needed, without having to invest in and maintain their own physical infrastructure.

HPE GreenLake also offers a range of services, including data center infrastructure, security, networking, and storage, as well as applications and workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics.

In addition, HPE GreenLake includes a range of support and management services, including monitoring, maintenance, and repair, to help companies ensure their IT infrastructure is always running at peak performance.

Overall, HPE GreenLake is a valuable resource for companies looking to simplify and optimize their IT infrastructure, whether on-prem or cloud, all while also reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

How CPP Associates is Helping Organizations on their Cloud Journey

Here at CPP Associates, we’ve taken many customers through an objective, step-by-step comparison of all the options available to them — including HPE GreenLake — in their digital transformation journey through our Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment process. And after an exhaustive analysis of more than 100 factors, including cost, regulatory compliance, security, scale, etc., the majority have ended up being convinced that GreenLake was the best choice for them. We put together a new “CPP Perspective” document which outlines three companies — all different sizes and different business goals and objectives — and how they came to the decision to implement HPE GreenLake. Our hope is to provide you with insight into the many cloud optimization strategies available with GreenLake and the business benefits it can provide. Check out “HPE GreenLake: Three Customer Journeys” here, and then when you are ready to consider your options, contact us to set up an exploratory discussion.