CPP Guiding Principle: High Tech with High Touch

February 2, 2021

“Technical infrastructure is essential to everything. It will accelerate all good and all bad trends.
For these very reasons, the human element becomes more important. High tech without high touch does not work. The more influential technology becomes, the more important the human factor which controls that technology becomes. Remember, technology is a great servant, but a terrible master.”
Stephen Covey- Educator and Author of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

These words were written over 20 years ago by Steven Covey but could not possibly be more relevant today considering the events of the last few years.

CPP believes at its very core in high touch in support of high tech. We have built our company that way. We have structured ourselves to have nearly two technical people for every salesperson. This allows us to deliver a high touch experience, leaning in to really listen to our clients’ needs and expectations and having an intrinsic sense of accountability throughout an entire client engagement. This is not the most economical model and not typical in the industry, but it is a business model that has served us – and more importantly – our clients well.

Staffing the company this way allows us to deliver a “white board to keyboard experience” when it comes to project delivery. In essence, the network architect that works on constructing a solution leads the project through to completion. With that approach, we believe we have solved for the most fundamental issue in the technology sales industry today (which is overpromising and underdelivering.) It’s always about the implementation.

Have you ever been in a situation when you have been promised that technology would work a certain way during a sales presentation only to find out during implementation that it doesn’t quite work that way. The engineer looks over his/her shoulder and says to you, “Did they really say it would work that way?” CPP solved this by having the same engineering team responsible for presales also responsible for the implementation. Whiteboard to keyboard.

You can only do that if you staff properly in a way that allows you to invest upfront. You can only do that if your guiding principle is “high tech and high touch.”

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you in person soon.