Security & Data Protection


Security & Data Protection

What is the ZTSF?

CPP’s Zero Trust Security Fabric (ZTSF) follows a “least privilege” model of access using proven solutions to protect an environment from bad actors. We strive to leverage industry leading analytics, detection, and control solutions that go beyond traditional signatures. Providing future-ready, visionary products enables us to help protect environments on multiple fronts. This approach allows us to extend the borders of infrastructure to anywhere and still be protected.

How does it work?

CPP’s ZTSF offering protects customer environments by implementing leading products within these core areas:

Network Infrastructure and Edge

  • Aruba Wireless and Switching, Cloud Management, Remote Access Points (RAP’s), and ESP
  • Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls and other Fortinet Solutions
  • Citrix NetScaler Solutions

Server Hardware Security

  • HPE Silicon Root of Trust on HPE Gen10 Servers, HPE OneView, and HPE InfoSight

Advanced Endpoint Protection

  • VMware Carbon Black Suite
  • Sophos Antivirus and Mobile Device Encryption

Backup Solutions with MFA/2FA

  • Veeam
  • Zerto
  • BaaS/DRaaS

Security Assessments and Monitoring

  • Penetration and Vulnerability (Internal & External 3rd Party Penetration Testing)
  • InVision Vulnerability Assessment (Internal)
  • SOCaaS – SOC As a Service
  • DarkWeb ID Domain Monitoring

Authentication Solutions Aruba ClearPass

  • MFA/2FA Solutions
  • Microsoft LAPS
  • Others

How Can CPP Help?

  • Provide Insight and Guidance into the current environment via assessments Identify weak points and provide actionable remediation options based on vertical (i.e., SOX, HIPAA, PCI, State and Local regulations/requirements)
  • Design and Implement New Solutions to fit into any environment (regardless of current vendors)
  • Managed Services Options for environments where a dedicated security team or SME is not present
  • Technology Refresh within the existing environments to remove aging insecure infrastructure

Video Transcription

“Like any other criminal act, security attacks on business, government, and public networks tend to flourish during times of disruption and distraction. The COVID-19 crisis that has consumed the world’s attention has created the perfect storm for cybercriminals to act. With vast amounts of people forced to work from home, IT departments have been flooded with work orders to accommodate a new remote working environment.

New system deployments can be vulnerable. Pop-up infrastructure and low code applications built to meet emergency needs often skip critical security validations. The protective perimeter is now extended well beyond traditional boundaries, and the proliferation of cloud-based applications create a patchwork of vulnerabilities that offer little to no protection against sophisticated threats and malicious hackers.

CPP Associates, a platinum partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has been on the front line of this ever-changing and expanding threat. We work with our clients to secure the enterprise with solutions that meet the complex security needs that organizations face from application and data protection, internal and external monitoring, as well as endpoint, network, and perimeter security. Our Zero Trust Security Fabric follows a least privilege model of access using proven solutions and best practices to protect your environment from bad hackers.

We leverage industry-leading analytics, detection, and control solutions that go beyond traditional signatures. These future-ready visionary products enable us to help protect the environments on multiple fronts and all the way to the edge. Our vendor-agnostic approach means we equip you with an arsenal of the best-in-class security solutions available in the market today, expertly architected by our team of security engineers.

Here’s how to get started. Our CPP Security Posture Assessment is a complimentary 30 to 60-minute engagement that provides a simple graded score of your current security posture. We can continue with our CPP InVision assessment, which delivers a comprehensive report showing asset inventory and analysis, potential risk levels, device authentication activity, and history, and other points of critical interest within a given environment.

Advanced penetration and vulnerability tests can also be performed. With so many new threats appearing every day and so much at stake, organizations of all types and sizes are on high alert. We’ll help you gain back your peace of mind with the most powerful security defenses available in the market today. There’s a reason why CPP Associates was named HPE’s North American solution provider of the year for 2020.

From data intelligence and infrastructure, to managed services and security, CPP is the partner you want in your corner for all things IT. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.”

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