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Today, the top 5 largest companies in the world (by market cap) are all based on data and not on a tangible good or service. “Data-based” companies that started 10 to 15 years ago are growing fast and quickly taking market share from more traditional rivals.

Ant Financial in China started about 15 years ago as a financial services company based totally on collecting data and on AI algorithms making decisions. Ant Financial AI algorithms make lending decisions in hours or minutes, depending on the time it takes to collect and analyze data. Ant Financial (20 years old) has a market cap of $150 Billion, half of JP Morgan Chase’s (JPMC) $300 Billion market cap (and point of note, JPMC is 200 years old). Ant Financial has 10% of the staff that JPMC has. Ant Financial has a time-to-decision and cost advantage over JPMC and other more traditional rivals. (P.S.: JPMC is working hard to catch up).

The Fortune 200 in the United States and the Global 2000 worldwide recognize that AI is the mechanism to collect data across all corners of their organizations and to use that wealth of intelligence to make better, more informed decisions faster. And they have the money and staff to do so.

Mid-sized and smaller organizations have exactly the same need for AI applications as do the larger companies, but generally do not have the resources to do so. How do these companies compete?

Enter CPP’s “Data Intelligence” Practice

CPP is helping firms start their journey into the world of AI. CPP helps these companies find, define, justify, develop, and implement the “AI applications” that make sense. CPP is also helping them develop the mind-set, data awareness, and data skills to compete with the Big Boys. This is a journey, not a destination.

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Data Intelligence: The Vertical Market Landscape

Financial Services:
Financial organizations deal with massive amounts of data in their day-to-day operations. Fraud can occur at any point of a credit approval process, or during a financial instrument’s life. What data points are needed to help identify that “anomaly”? How fast can you collect the data and what patterns do you look for? How can you identify, execute and continuously re-evaluate the “collection-analysis-take-action” cycle to enact profit-building changes for your organization?

CPP works with partners who can help financial firms in the many areas that need “AI” applications. From fraud detection, to conduct surveillance, security, compliance, analytics, reporting, improving data workflow, CPP and its partners help our customers identify, prove, and implement their AI applications.

AI in the medical field has a similar solution architecture: collect, analyze and identify a range of possible root causes of a medical condition, make a “best possible” diagnosis, and then proceed to remediation. Beyond the ability to improve patient outcomes, a small increase in “efficiency” within a healthcare organization can justify the investment in the AI app both technically and from a business perspective.

State/Local Government
Applying data intelligence and machine learning, state and local government can greatly speed up communication response times to citizens inquiring about any matter online (via intelligent chat bots), by phone or in person. In addition, it can help government authorities monitor huge amounts of data generated by public surveillance devices and social media forums to quickly identify and response to anomalies and threats to public safety.

In manufacturing, collecting data from sensors which are at every possible point along a manufacturing process enables an AI application to develop an integrated view of the entire process. Product defect identification, equipment maintenance scheduling, and proactive supply chain management all become possible. The ability to discover and learn from patterns can help any manufacturer greatly improve the quality and efficiency of their organization.

Solutions for a data-driven business

CPP’s Data Intelligence Practice can assist businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries to transform their legacy warehouses and environments utilizing today’s most innovative data intelligence solutions. CPP offers solutions that tackle AI and data analytics workloads from edge to cloud, enabling your organization to:

  • Uncover valuable insights that drive business
  • Align business needs across the enterprise
  • Automate processes
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reveal new revenue streams
  • Increase security and compliance
  • Maintain a competitive advantage

High Performance Computing (HPC) and Data Management

When tens of thousands of data points become billions, and when response times shrink from minutes or hours to less than a second, customers need to consider HPC and data management solutions.  Data Management solutions (which partner with high performance compute) will, when properly, architect-ed, enable a customer to collect data from any file or object store in the world, store it  locally for immediate processing, or store it remotely for longer-term retention or archive. When analytics are needed, moving data quickly to the compute engines and processing it within the required response time are keys to a successful application.  Scaling compute and storage separately are keys to predictable costs. CPP and its partners can help our customers address these issues.

Video Transcription

“AI, there is nothing artificial about it. It is the powerful and insightful interpretation of vast amounts of data that your company has at its fingertips. Data that can be leveraged to reveal new market opportunities and revenue streams, expanded products and services, and a path into the future that may otherwise not be possible. A recent survey by Accenture revealed that three out of four C-level executives believe that their companies will not survive if they do not launch a successful AI initiative in the next three to five years. Furthermore, four out of five AI projects failed and even the ones that do show promise can take years to come to fruition. Regardless of your company size or industry, there are AI discoveries to be made and harnessed and CPP Associates is here to guide you on that journey.

CPP Associates believes that AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, known collectively as a data intelligence platform, should be available to more than just Fortune 100 companies with deep pockets and international consulting firms at their beck and call. To democratize a resource means to make it accessible to everyone. CPP is democratizing AI so companies of any size can compete on a level playing field. We bring both the data mining tools and the expertise to access the rich intelligence that exists in your data. Our team of data scientists and engineers then work with you to devise strategies that leverage the data intelligence for new progressive initiatives to support your organization’s growth plans. CPP can guide you through the various stages of AI maturation, from awareness to active experimentation and testing and on to operationalizing and optimizing.

From there, we put in place processes to allow for ongoing systemic improvements and enhancements as the technology continues to evolve. The end goal is for you to become an AI-driven company with data intelligence as the very core of your organization. HPE’s acquisition of BlueData and MapR, combined with their other market-leading analytics platforms, has provided CPP with the hardware and software configurations to support clients’ AI initiatives and highly efficient containerized infrastructures. That translates into faster time to insight, lower costs, and a more streamlined path to operational reality. Artificial intelligence holds massive potential across all major industries, including financial services, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail to name a few.

Successful use cases range from fraud detection and credit risk analysis, to genomics research and precision medicine, to improved customer experiences and more. The era of AI and the data intelligence platform is now and CPP is the partner you need to guide your organization through the various stages of AI maturity towards a future of innovation, sustainability, and unbridled growth. There’s never been a time when getting left behind could happen so fast and so easily. Act now by contacting CPP to schedule an in-depth technical discussion about your company’s current or future planned initiatives. AI is here and the time to act is now.”

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CPP can guide businesses through the various stages of AI Maturation – from discovery to testing to implementation by providing solutions to complex analytical problems. Best practices are used to leverage statistical and predictive modeling concepts, machine learning, behavioral pattern detection, classification techniques and recommendations on optimizing algorithms. Request a consultation to learn more.

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