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IT Infrastructure


IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure: (noun): The composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment.

Is the definition of infrastructure really that simple?

In today’s business environment, IT infrastructure is still comprised of all of those fundamental elements – hardware, software, network resources and the required services to support them – but its composition can vary widely depending on the needs of the organization.

It still must meet the requirements of being able to host applications securely, with appropriate performance and scale, and with dependable backup and disaster recovery features. Organizations also need IT operations to be agile, available, meet performance requirements, be easy to use with as much automation as possible, and to be scalable and secure.

And they want all of those technical attributes in a financial model that makes sense for the organization.

Navigating the Options When it Comes to Infrastructure

Only a few years ago, decisions about your IT infrastructure centered on whether you wanted to maintain your systems on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud arrangement (part on prem, part in the cloud). But today, it’s not just about where your infrastructure resides, but also how it is delivered or consumed and who manages it.

The breadth of options now available means that you have the opportunity to precisely calibrate an infrastructure solution that is perfect for your company’s unique needs – now and into the future.

As experts in infrastructure architecture and management, CPP Associates is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate all of the possible scenarios available to you in today’s IT marketplace. Our proprietary Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment (IAA) allows us to conduct a highly sophisticated cost/benefit analysis of a myriad of options available to your organization, factoring in vertical market specific regulatory/compliance/security factors in the process. In less than two weeks, and no more than three hours of your staff’s time, we can present our findings in a concise report. From there, you can choose to implement the new infrastructure configuration internally, with support from CPP’s Managed Services Division, or as a complete outsourced engagement with CPP’s Infrastructure team.

It is by far the most intelligent, cost-effective, and direct path to your company’s ideal infrastructure.

Traditional (On Premises) vs. Software-Defined Infrastructures

Traditional or converged infrastructure is a standalone set of servers which represent a preconfigured package of software and hardware in a single system for simplified management.

Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) offers an environment where all the infrastructure elements — networking, storage, processing, and security — are virtualized and delivered as a service. With SDI, software can control the entire computing infrastructure without physical human intervention. Examples of software-defined infrastructure are Composable Infrastructure and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

It is not uncommon for organizations to have a traditional infrastructure that may be running legacy systems that are mission-critical and yet, also have the need and desire to tap into the benefits of a software-defined infrastructure (i.e., speed, cost-efficiency, flexibility, etc.) Fortunately, there are significant advances in infrastructure management tools and solutions to manage both environments simultaneously.

CPP can support our clients’ complex infrastructure through tools like HPE OneView, which allow for the management of disparate, multiple data centers from a single “pane of glass.”

HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud is an agnostic multi-cloud, multi-stack managed service for public and private clouds that simplifies operations to help you reduce risk, eliminate complexity, and accelerate cloud adoption.

CPP’s InVision® Managed Services offers Infrastructure Management Solutions on a fully outsourced basis. CPP can manages data center, compute, and network resources across the entire organization, using AI to keep your infrastructure primed and ready to provide you with the data you need to make business decisions, to automate processes, and lower operational costs.

Video Transcription

“Remember not too long ago when cloud computing was the new buzzword. Many companies found themselves on a race to the cloud based on promises of reduced costs and labor, coupled with increased flexibility and scalability. Other organizations stayed with their on-premises infrastructure due to security or compliance concerns, the drag of legacy workloads, or simply due to inertia or the fear of the unknown. Today, we understand that neither option is smarter or more advanced than the other. In fact, many companies have adopted a hybrid IT approach to take advantage of both cloud and on-prem features. However, managing across multiples silos with different architectures has proven to be very challenging.

Today, it’s not just about where your infrastructure resides, but also how it is delivered or consumed and who manages it. You can see how complex the picture has become. That is where CPP Associates comes into the picture. We are a leading Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum partner and national experts in infrastructure evaluation and planning. Our proprietary process, which we call Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment, is a highly advanced, in-depth analysis of the many options available today. And given all the considerations that factor into our analysis, you will be amazed at how little will be required of you and your team in the process.

After a review of your current infrastructure and your company’s projected needs for the future, our highly experienced team of infrastructure architects goes to work. In less than three weeks, and with no more than three hours of your staff’s time, we provide you with a total cost of ownership comparison of all the different approaches for delivering IT services. Our analysis and recommendations are based on your specific data, service levels, and requirements, and will show head-to-head comparisons of all possible scenarios. We also factor in a wide range of other considerations, including availability and performance levels, network strain, and more than 100 security and compliance concerns specific to your organization.

CPP’s Infrastructure Anywhere Assessment is by far the most intelligent, streamlined, and cost-effective approach to this very important decision about your company’s technology road map. Once that roadmap is created, our seasoned team of infrastructure architects will construct the model and provide whatever level of support you desire from complete managed IT services in Infrastructure as a Service arrangement or as consultants for your internal infrastructure team. Start the journey to your company’s optimal IT environment with confidence. Contact us today to get the conversation started.”

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